Sonja Jones BSC PgDIP(Audiology), RCCP, HCPC Registered Audiologist

Sonja has approaching 10 years’ experience as a Clinical Audiologist, having worked in the NHS as a Senior Paediatric and Adult Audiologist, as well an Audiological Trainer for 2 of the World’s most innovative hearing device manufacturers.

Sonja provides a unique and considered approach to audiological healthcare. She tailors assessment and treatment to the individual client and ensures that no matter whom the client is there is time to ensure best clinical practice possible; she has extensive clinical experience in treating adults and children.

In order to determine how well you can hear and to diagnose your type of hearing loss, your initial consultation will not be rushed where you will have an appointment lasting approximately 1 -1.5 hours - if longer is required, that is fine – as Sonja wants to get your hearing healthcare right.

During this time, a full medical history will be taken and a conversation will be held about how well you and your loved ones believe you can hear. This will be followed by thorough otoscopic examination (where we look inside the ears to understand the health of the canal and ear drum), tympanometry (measuring middle ear function) and diagnostic audiometry to assess your level of hearing as well as diagnosing type of any hearing loss.

Once completed, a full explanation and a copy of the results will be given. If a hearing device is recommended to enhance your hearing, a range of appropriate options to suit your hearing and lifestyle will be discussed at no obligation.

When it comes to your hearing, one instrument certainly doesn’t fit all. Sonja has access to the world’s leading hearing instrument manufacturers and is confident in being able to supply the style and technology to suit your personal needs.

Whether you are a water-sports fanatic, musician, sound-engineer, motorcyclist or shooter; you can also  have your own custom made specialist hearing protection.

In addition to all of this, Sonja can provide a bespoke and comprehensive tinnitus treatment programme to those who need extra help to live with their tinnitus

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